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Moscow, 4th Syromyatnichesky lane 1/8 4
November 10
Ticket price - 500 rubles
November 13, 2022
"REVISION" is the key exposition, the semantic core of the festival, a comprehensive study of domestic industrial design over the past 100 years.
Kazimir Malevich "White Service"
Multimedia performance will become an original artistic device with things and cult objects to tell you in the first person about the historical period in which they were created. Each of the four blocks of the exhibition is dedicated to a specific historical period and will bring together documentary chronicles, interesting and previously unknown facts, and concepts and projects, both implemented and not implemented.

The exhibition will be held as 30-minute sessions.
Exhibition curator: Alexandra Sankova
Ideologist: Igor Shulinskiy
Producer: Alsu Khairutdinova
Main artist: Dmitry Muchnik
Svetlana Mirzoyan "Lamps"
Design is directly related to the study of the future, the improvement of the social and cultural environment. Designers are creators who strive to give birth to new material and cultural values for society. They, like inventors, discover and change the world around us for the better and thus shape our future. They create creative ideas and products that help make our life quality and comfortable in all its manifestations.
The exhibition "Revision: Present" will be a logical continuation of the exhibition "Revision: Past" and will present the brightest creators of our time - Russian and foreign designers who today create and change our world for the better.

The exhibition will unite more than 20 exhibitors of modern industrial design. We will show completed projects in various fields: object and lighting design, IT and innovative solutions, urban environment design, and projects in the field of socially responsible design.
Exhibition curator: Elena Panteleeva
Producer: Alsu Khairutdinova
Lead artist: Dmitry Muchnik
Information about the participants of the exhibition will be regularly posted on the website and in our social networks. Follow the news.
FORMA Design Studio
Modeloni. Carbon lamp
The future will be represented by the winners of the DESIGN ACT-2022 Open Competition for Industrial Design and Innovation Projects.

In a multimedia format, we will show the ideas and concepts of the finalists of the competition in four main categories: Vehicle Design, Space Design, High-Tech Territory and Future City: 2070.
Exhibition curator & producer: Alsu Khairutdinova
Lead artist: Dmitry Muchnik
Shanshui City project. MAD Architects
Red Hall
White Hall
White Hall
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